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Team Leader | Office of Doctoral Studies |

Anja joined the University of Luxembourg in 2009 as Head of faculty administration at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. Since December 2018 she is team leader at the Office of doctoral studies (bureau des études doctorales/BED). Before, Anja worked at the University of Oxford (UK) and at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Brussels. She holds an MA in History and Political Sciences.

This presentation will provide you with some general guidelines regarding the key elements of your PhD life cycle at the University of Luxembourg, from registration to graduation. I will give you an overview on the legal basis of doctoral studies, the basic chronologie of the 36-48 months you spend here as a doctoral candidate, and the most important documents you should know (CET report, Doctoral education agreement, etc.). I will also talk about your rights and duties, and those of your supervisor, CET members, and other stakeholders