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Edyta Niemczyk

Doctoral Candidate | LIST

Hello, I'm Edyta, and I'm a 4th year PhD candidate at LIST. My academic path started in my homeland – Poland, where I graduated in Chemical Technology at the University of Technology in Rzeszow. However, my master thesis I wrote during the internship at EMPA in Switzerland, focusing on the natural additives for the PLA processing. To have an overview of both: academic and industrial "world", I worked for one year in an automotive company. After this experience, LIST, as an applied science centre posed as a perfect place for me as it merges both industry and academia. Currently, I'm working in the Plasma Process Engineering group, where I'm working on hybrid poly(ethylene glycol) based coatings.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon

Jessica Levy

Doctoral Candidate |

I conducted my Bachelor and Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Trier in Germany. I focused my studies on clinical and pedagogical psychology and was trained in systemic therapy and counselling. While studying, I worked as a student assistant at the Universities of Trier and Luxembourg, and also as a test administrator for different large-scale studies in education (e.g., NEPS and PISA). I started my PhD at the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing at the University of Luxembourg in February 2017, where I work in an interdisciplinary project, called “Capitalising on Linguistic Diversity in Education”. In my PhD, I focus on statistical methods for the estimation of educational effectiveness in diverse student populations


Yolanda Pires Afonso

Doctoral Candidate | LIH

I was born in Andorra and at a little age, I was fascinated about the immune system and the brain. In fact, it was at high school that I discovered my passion for immunology. Specifically, I just got fascinated on how distinct immune cells communicate and interact to mount an efficient response to resolve an infection. This was the initial step in my career choice. With the advent of technology I decided to do my Bachelor's in Biotechnology (in Portugal). There, I focused on the biomedical branch and my early research life started with immunobiological studies and experimental trials of vaccination against Streptococus agalactiae, the leading agent of meningitis in newborns. From there and as a next step, I specifically searched for a Master program that would allow me to work in my two passions: Neuroscience and Immunology. Thus, I enrolled in the Biomedical Research master in Coimbra, Portugal, and worked specifically in neuroimmunological disorders, in particular Parkinson and Hungtinton's diseases. My passion for research drove me to Luxembourg (LIH) to pursue my doctoral studies in brain tumour with special focus on the resident innate immune cells in the brain. My current work focuses on addressing microglia and macrophages heterogeneity in Glioblastoma and how to harness these cells to develop new anti-tumor strategies

Gary Robinson

Doctoral Candidate| LISER

Gary is in his fourth year of a PhD in economic geography. His research explores the effects of technological change on international payments and its impacts on the geography of the global financial system. Gary has an MA in global political economy and a BA in international business and German. Prior to beginning his PhD at LISER, he worked as an academic technologist at Warwick University, UK, taught English at the University of Suwon, South Korea, and had a previous career in IT in Dublin, Ireland